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About Us

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Profuture provides best website designing in Kallakurichi, it is exclusive IT solutions in the areas of BPO services, KPO services and Ecommerce services.We provide the next-generation technology solutions that set standards for industrial expertise, innovative creations and global-scale quality.

Our Vision

We believe our vision to Robustness, Scalability and Security, and we strive to offer a competitive edge which proves to the success booster.

Our Motto’s for Success

Offering unique solutions to different needs, and yet following a tested standardized methodology as the baseline, which has proven to guarantee success. Effectively communicating for that perfect synchronization with the clients, which enables us to understand the requirements better. Effectively utilizing the available resources, to obtain the maximum possible benefits and providing optimum results. Engaging in providing cost- effective solutions and minimizing investments with skilful dexterity. Balancing client’s interests with functional implementation of our exclusively innovative ideas.

Our Dedication

Profuture strives to be remembered for its commitment and dedication towards its services. We accept individual responsibility for our commitments, and expect to be accountable for the results that we generate. Adorned with integrity, professionalism and business ethics in all aspects of our services, we engage in providing perfect solutions. Our global outreach speaks volumes of our reputation and the quality of the services that we provide. We remain your constant aid at all times throughout the journey, and we customize ourselves based on your requirements.

Our Success Stories

We have completed multiple successful endeavours in our journey so far, guaranteeing the admiration and the appreciation of our clients We have catered to projects in diverse industries such as: Ecommerce, Matrimonial, Medical, Culinary, Automobiles, Fashion, Interior décor, Online Directories, Real estate, Legal, Finance, Travel and so on. We possess cross-industry experience, which increases our eagerness in our pursuit for bigger and better projects in the future.Our success stories have helped us in being well- knit with a host of leading professionals and organizations in various industries.

Our Strategies

Combining the next- generation infrastructure with effective implementation of creativity in our solutions.Scaling our offerings beyond the conventional methodologies, to increase agility and business effectiveness.Minimizing risks and accelerating the graph of success, through our consistency and focus. Constant improvement of technology and ideas, so as to keep in tune with the changing trends and staying updated.Harnessing the right talents and the right tools for providing maximized benefits within the turn-around time.


1.IT (Information Technology)

Profuture professionally trained and well- experienced technical team provides you with the right IT services that are intended to boost your business and take it to the next level. Upgraded and functional website development techniques and strategies are utilized to offer effective website solutions. Our Technical Proficiency includes:

  • Functional knowledge in web development tools like Java, HTML, ASP.Net, CSS, Perl, Ajax and others are used efficiently.
  • Utilization of dedicated open-source web servers like Apache HTTP servers and IIS.
  • Skilful and proficient usage of online IDEs and Web Editor services like JSFiddle, Cloud9, and CodePen; offline IDEs like Visual Studio, Chutzpah, CodeMaid, Node.js, PHP Tools, Eclipse and so on.
  • Effective utilization of popular plugins for Web Development like Nodeclipse, WTP, NetBeans IDE, WebStorm, AngularJS Eclipse, etc.
  • Dexterity in the usage of offline Web editors like Atom, Dreamweaver, Rapid CSS, Notepad++, Sublime text and many more.
  • Expertise in the utilization of supporting softwares like Adobe Photoshop, CorelDRAW, Splashup, Wufoo, Flash Professional and so on.

Profuture offers the provision of global inbound and outbound services, that are cost-effective and customized to fulfil the quality criteria. We insist on a three- tiered quality mapping and control strategy, which enhances superiority over other companies. We accept all kinds of Voice and Non- Voice projects of any size, and we deliver outstanding outputs in the client- specified terms.

2.We provide BPO services in these various sectors

We offer BPO services in healthcare sector and we hire highly experienced and trained healthcare specialists for that purpose. We take care of all inbound and outbound processes related to medical coding services, professional- quality medical transcriptions, medical insurance, EHR compatible reports, and so on that improve the revenue cycle results. An advanced training program is also established to guarantee that the best of these services are provided. We believe our goals to be producing quality transcription and reducing the turnaround time.

Real – Estate

We deal with inbound and outbound processes related to buying and selling properties, financial reporting, lease and rent administration. We are well- knit with reputed proprietors, real- estate firms and private agencies, through our expertise in the field. Our integrated services merge front and back office functions into one solution, allowing the clients to improve their profits. We provide customer invoicing, payment processing, lease administration, consolidations, MRI application management, customer services and many more.


Profuture is a pioneer in the field of marketing and advertisements. We are endowed with effective strategies and practical experience in this sector. We provide promotional activities in public arenas, direct marketing campaigns, media management, cross selling, and advertising. We comprehensively research and promote surveys to understand the customer needs and get an insight into their behaviour. We are well versed in building trust with the customer base, and delivering new ways to drive revenue growth with newer channels.


We offer BPO services in commercial banking, retail banking,analytics services, finance and accounting services, training services, customer acquisition services, consumer handling services, financial records and many more. We have globalized dealings such as the provision of international gateways for online payments. We possess expertise in credit card services, documents management, transaction processing, debt management, loan processing, mortgages, network and storage services. With our services, you are bound to reach your targets within the turnaround time, along with a significant raise in your profits.

HR services

Profuture Tech Solutions Private Limited is one among the top recruiting firms. We provide end-to-end HR domestic and overseas HR solutions, with the inclusions of workforce administration solutions, payroll administration, documents management, tax processing, recruitment services, and benefit administration. Our seamless collaborations with the top- profile companies across the globe, is done through a combination of diligent networking and aggressive research. We add values to all the stages of the recruitment process, reduce recruitment costs, and improve bottom lines for our corporate clients.

Telecom services

Profuture Tech Solutions offers BPO services in the telecom industry that are meant to speed up the success rate of your business. We indulge in selling post-paid and pre-paid services along with resource management and operations, customer relationship management, supply chain management and documents management. We deliver high quality customer service support enhanced with functional implementation of our innovative strategies. We register and utilize all potentials to their maximum, and we come up with effective communication services.


Profuture Tech Solutions offers exclusive ecommerce services that guarantee better traffic to your website, leading increased sales and a higher business. We utilize reputed hosting services for registering your domain name, and we engage in hosting the innovatively designed websites. We provide a long- term web hosting service, and we make improvements wherever necessary periodically.

We also provide website maintenance services starting with content development, content editing and simple website updates, to including new functionalities in it. We provide responsive designing services for all mediums and platforms. We handle troubleshoot issues and provide constant support to our clients. With our ecommerce services, you are guaranteed better traffic to your website, leading increased sales and a higher business.


KPO service strives to be successful, by increasing your productivity, giving access to special skills, and enhancing organizational effectiveness. Profuture Tech Solutions offers various KPO services like Basic & Advanced book keeping, Accounts finalization, Accounts and Tax consulting, Investment research services, Data Analytics, Legal process outsourcing, Business operations support, Analytics and Management.

KPO service focuses on fast- moving domains to provide accelerated solutions to our customers. We ensure accurate and effective book procedures as per local accounting practices, standards and norms. We provide flexibility in terms of HRM and time management, and we offer cost effective solutions by off-shoring work to low wage countries.

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